Adirondack Dealers Return to Brimfield Barn

Dan (Hammersong Forge), Jen (KJ Studios), and Airplane Dave are back!!!

Thanks to such a successful first show, they are returning for another great week at the Brimfield Barn.

Vintage and antique…… They are bringing lots of May surprises… more eclectic and elegant ephemera!  Birds – Birds – Birds!  Furniture!  Maps, and more maps! Americana! Wrought iron! Rares and firsts!  Prints, lithos, and fixtures!  Oh my!  Mags! Bags!  Cool rags!  Paper mâché!  Stamps and stamp gear!  Candelabras! Sticks!  Sculpture!  And, don’t miss… The heavy, awkward, and big!  Contact them at 813-504-0053 cell, or


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