July Show Dates 6/9 – 6/14, 2013

Dave2Hey everyone….. the Brimfield Barn July Show dates are Tuesday, 6/9 trough Sunday, 6/14, 2013, only about 4 weeks away……. we are all looking forward to another successful show! 

We have a new dealer at the Barn, “By Kenyan Design Studio” a full-service, New York-based design firm specializing in prop and antique sourcing, interior design build-outs, and creative direction.  I will post more info on the dealer space on  www.brimfieldbarn.com ,as soon as I get the chance to update it.

Loopy Mango visits the Brimfield Barn

Loopy Mango, a high-fashion New York (SoHo) boutique, exhibited at the Brimfield Barn Show, May 14th – 19th, featuring their new “Big Loop” yarns.  Several raw material yarns and finished products were shown and knitting demonstrations were provided.


Adirondack Dealers Return to Brimfield Barn

Dan (Hammersong Forge), Jen (KJ Studios), and Airplane Dave are back!!!

Thanks to such a successful first show, they are returning for another great week at the Brimfield Barn.

Vintage and antique…… They are bringing lots of May surprises… more eclectic and elegant ephemera!  Birds – Birds – Birds!  Furniture!  Maps, and more maps! Americana! Wrought iron! Rares and firsts!  Prints, lithos, and fixtures!  Oh my!  Mags! Bags!  Cool rags!  Paper mâché!  Stamps and stamp gear!  Candelabras! Sticks!  Sculpture!  And, don’t miss… The heavy, awkward, and big!  Contact them at 813-504-0053 cell, or zenintupper@gmail.com


Brimfield September 2012 Flea Market


First, some news to bring you up to date:  The July Show was a typical “July” show – very hot and slower business than the shows held in May and September – but, steady daily sales to mostly repeat customers for all six days.  There is nothing earthshaking to report about July, but everyone had a good time and we all made money and that’s what counts. Check back later, I will be posting some great photos taken at the July Show.

               Now, we are just about fully-booked for the upcoming September Fleamarket (September 4th – 9th)  and are looking forward to a very successful show for all our vendors and customers.  September has always been a strong sales show, so all vendors should be prepared to sell something big!  The September Show is a wonderful time to be in New England.

                On an exciting note, last June 19th, ABC Good Morning America produced a short promotional segment on the Brimfield Flea Market, “Lara Spencer heads to Brimfield Antique Show“, which was good publicity and showed the Brimfield Barn prominently several times as large as life!  Please check out the video – the link is on http://www.brimfieldbarn.com .  Since this video was televised and the following July Show, there has been a steady increase in “hits” on the Brimfield Barn’s web site - partly due to the video, our full-page photo of the Barn in Country Living magazine, and anticipation of the upcoming September Show. See you at the Brimfield Barn soon.  Dave S.

Welcome Friends of the Brimfield Barn!

Hello Friends!  I am proud to announce the launch of our new blog site that will record all the great activities and sales that occur from time-to-time at the Brimfield Barn, especially in the months of May, July, and September, every year, in conjunction with the world-famous Brimfield Flea Market.  Please check us out on this blog’s “About Us” page and our web site at http://www.brimfieldbarn.com . There’s a link back to this blog on the Brimfield Barn web site.  Thanks.  Dave S.